I didn’t know a Rhino could do that...
— Innocent Bystander Beirut Lebanan

Ladies and gentleman I present to you the Rhino!

Raised in Reno, Nevada, this once starting fullback for the Kansas State Wildcats has now turned his Division 1 talents to the playing field of electronic music.

Since the Mid 90’s, his djing ventures has taken him from the west coast to the mid west... from the middle of the Black Rock Desert, to East coast Ultra Miami... and to the Middle East and beyond. While djing in Beirut Lebanon for a New Year’s celebration, an innocent bystander in the crowd was quoted as saying , “I didn’t know a Rhino could do that…?”

But the Rhino stampede does not stop there. He currently has his own energy bar called “the Rhino Bar” a Gluten and Grain free product, which will soon be out in a health food store near you